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Thursday, June 16, 2016

1. MS SQL ADMIN position at Alpharetta, Georgia 2. SR. Developer with HTML 5, AngularJS, CSS3 (Mandatory) position at Sunnyvale, California 3. JBPM Developer position at Mount Laurel, New Jersey 4. Adobe Day CQ Consultant position at Collierville, Tennes

Dear Folks / Business Partners,

This is Kumar From Javaji System Solutions Inc.,

We are in immediate need of the following resource 1. MS SQL ADMIN position at Alpharetta, Georgia 2. SR. Developer with HTML 5, AngularJS, CSS3 (Mandatory) position at Sunnyvale, California 3. JBPM Developer position at Mount Laurel, New Jersey  4. Adobe Day CQ Consultant position at Collierville, Tennessee….. Send resumes to , 703-957-5651

1. Position: MS SQL ADMIN
Location: Alpharetta, Georgia
Duration: 3+ Months
Experience: 5-8 YEARS

Job Requirement & Technical Skills Required:

Mandatory Skills: MS SQL Admin Database Performance Tuning, Infra Performance and Optimization, Database Consulting, Database High Availability, Vmware Admin, Database Admin

MS SQL Admin
                    Have Knowledge on SQL Server 2000 and 2005 Architecture (Physical Database Structure, Logical Database Structure, and Memory Structures etc.), TSQL Commands.
                    Monitoring & Troubleshooting Blocking and Deadlock (Be able to kill Blocked or deadlock process, spid).
                    Start up and Shutdown SQL server Instance Execution of DBCC Commands (OPENTRAN (DB Name) , SQLPERF(LOGSPACE) , check db ,shrink file , shrink database , index defrag , db reindex, etc.)
                    Create and update maintenance plan for database maintenance.
                    Monitor and understand the error log and event log Monitor the disk space on the server and take action accordingly (Including Data files, Transaction log files, temp db database).
                    Understand how connectivity is established between servers (Remote Access --Connecting remote server using QA, EM, and TS) Managing DB backups.
                    Restoring database from Full/Differential/T-log backup.
                    SQL Server 2000 / 2005 User & Login, Authentications Mode

Database Admin
                    Works under close supervision to perform low-level database management tasks such as adding users, managing space etc.
                    Participates in testing back-ups, ensuring maximum up-time and maximum performance of database.
                    Familiarity with basic administrative commands is expected at this level.
                    Front-line interaction with users to assist with low level trouble-shooting requirements.
                    Independently performs database management tasks such as controlling access permissions and privileges.
                    Responsible for ensuring that storage, archiving, backup and recovery procedures are functioning correctly.
                    Writes database documentation, including data standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary.
                    Train users on database methodologies.
                    Responsible for refining the 'logical design' so that it can be translated into a specific data model and further refining the 'physical design' to meet system storage requirements.
                    Plan data flows for a new or revised database.
                    Guide new team members.

Database High Availability
                    Design and Plan HA Strategy (High Availability -RAC / Cluster / Replication / Data Gaurd / Standby /Database Failover strategy Database DR strategy /Flashback)
                    How is it setup and configured What happens during a fail-over What happens during fail-back
                    When is it typically done?
                    What are the steps a DBA should perform in the event of a fail-over and fail-ba.

Database Consulting
                    Domain Skills: Database concepts Relational Database Concepts Normalization Entity and relationships Database administration activities Conversant with DBMS Packages Backup and Recovery Patching & Cloning
                    Trouble shooting Backup Ability to design logical and Physical models of Database layouts and Schema.
                    Performance Tuning Migration Techniques Knowledge on Replication Server HA Implementation Licensing Backup & Recovery

Database Performance Tuning
                    Database Memory, I/O Tuning.
                    Planning for Performance in Database Design.
                    Indexes tuning and Design Adviser.
                    Configurations parameter tuning.
                    Table and index maintenance, Data base reorganization

Vmware Admin
                    CPU/Memory/LAN utilization thru Tools.
                    Monitoring disk space quotas allocation.
                    Monitoring File Systems & RAW Disk alerts.
                    Documented activites (SOP based).
                    Starting and stopping of VMs.
                    Password management.
                    Monitoring & Managing network performance.
                    Installing and Upgrading VMware Tools.
                    Vmware Guest Backup.
                    Starting the VI Client.
                    Stopping the VI Client.
                    Connecting to the Service Console.

2. Position: SR. Developer with HTML 5, AngularJS, CSS3 (Mandatory)
Location: Sunnyvale, California
Duration: 3+ Months
Experience: 3 - 5 YEARS

Job Requirement & Technical Skills Required:

Mandatory Skills: HTML 5 HTML, AngularJS, CSS3, Flash Action Script, Usability

                    Apply heuristics to design problems involving colour or font choice, layout, photography or spot art, etc.
                    Create individual brand elements, visual design templates, streaming and rich media applications, and design prototypes
                    Create/Maintain branding standards and style guides Tool
                    Expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
                    Apply usability heuristics to design problems
                    Understand the technical limitations of Internet technology
                    Evaluate the presentation layer of common software packages
                    Understand Web technical constraints vs. client/server
                    Understand best practices in web system navigation Interact with the Client and stakeholders to gather requirements.
                    Conceptualize the Portal layout Use various prototyping tools to create page flows and schematics
                    Apply an expert understanding of user interface technologies
                    Browser Dependent / Independent Features HTML / DHTML / JavaScript
                    Understanding of XML / XSL/XHTML
                    Understanding of JSP / Java / Servlets /Applets/ASP.Net/PHP
                    Use various web editing tools and techniques Create cleanly coded templates that are easily applied and extended
                    Build and refine HTML prototypes Translate digital content (e.g., Microsoft Word to HTML or PDF)
                    Maintain coding standards and guidelines Create / Maintain CSS, JavaScript Codes Optional skills - Ajax, Google Web tool Kit, Yahoo Web toolkit Tool
                    Expertise in Macromedia Dreamweaver, Edit plus

3. Position: JBPM Developer
Location: Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Duration: 3+ Months
Experience: 3 - 8 YEARS

Job Requirement & Technical Skills Required:

Mandatory Skills: JBPM BPM Process Design Desirable Skills: Java-J2EE

                    Should have expertise in working with various J2EE technologies including Struts Framework, Spring, Servlets, JSP, Hibernate, JPA, Web Services, JBoss, JNDI, JMS, JDBC, JSTL, LDAP
                    Should have Extensive experience working with Web Services like SOAP
                    Integrated the Drools and JBPM to application framework which involved dynamic creation of knowledgebase and Knowledge session.
                    Should have proficient experience on JBPM API’s, workflow management, guvnor, decision tables, DRL files, BPMN2.
                    Should have worked extensively on Spring MVC and dependency injection.
                    Familiar with AngularJS.
                    Involved in designing and developing the Business Process flow using JBPM work flow engine, like creating Nodes Task nodes Decision nodes, scripts, Joins
                    Ability to create JBPM Process, Tasks and work item handlers with process variable and local variables
                    Minimum work experience: 3 - 8 Years

4. Position: Adobe Day CQ Consultant
Location: Collierville, Tennessee
Duration: 3+ Months
Experience: 8 - 10 YEARS

Job Requirement & Technical Skills Required:

Mandatory Skills: Adobe Day CQ Branding and Thought Leadership, Content Management Architecture, Solution Architecture

Content Management Architecture
                    Understand concept of Document Management, Records Management, Collaboration, Web content Management and Workflow/BPM Concepts
                    Understand the essence of Capture, Manage, Store, Preserve and Deliver in ECM parlance
                    Should have good knowledge of J2EE concepts and experience in developing web applications
                    Good working knowledge in of the ECM products like Documentum, FileNet, Alfresco
                    Should be able develop simple workflows, delegation, alternate flows, etc.
                    Should have sound understanding of organisation, group concepts

Solution Architecture
                    Ability to take the functional and non-functional requirements and propose solution that will be able to meet the requirements.
                    Work with the design team to realize the architecture by providing suggestions on design options.
                    Review and validate the design decisions taken by the design teams.
                    Work with client architecture teams in - validate the non-functional requirements -discussing and providing inputs on architecture options
                    Present the architecture and design to necessary stake holders as required.
                    Working experience with at least one common SDLC methods (RUP, Velociq)

If you are interested please send me your resume, and also answer to the questions below
                    Candidate Contact Number
                    Candidate Visa Status
                    Candidate Convenient time to take up the telephonic discussion
                    Candidate convenient time to take up the face to face discussion
                    Candidate Employer details if in case of H1B
                    Candidate Current billing rate
                    Candidate Expected billing rate
                    References of direct supervisor
                    Interview availability
                    Skype ID

Thanks and Regards,


703-957-5651 |
Google / Yahoo IM: kumar4mjss