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Monday, February 24, 2014

Android Applications Software Developer position at Tarrytown, NY ….. Send resumes to

Dear Folks / Business Partners,

This is Kumar From Javaji System Solutions Inc.,
Android Applications Software Developer position at Tarry town, NY ….. Send resumes to

Position: Android Applications Software Developer
Location: Tarry town, NY
Duration: 3+ Months
Experience: 5 - 8 Years

Job Requirement & Technical Skills Required:

Role: Android Applications Software Developer

·         Perform under supervision of the Systems Engineering Functional Manager the incumbent is a member of a team of system and software engineers
·         Responsible the specification and architecture of new products, as well as design and development of Android applications feasibility prototypes for integration into medical devices and systems.

Major Tasks:
·         Function as contact point for Android platform expertise and Android application development
·         Mobile application architecture and development
·         Development and design of software modules for incorporation into medical devices, which include both real-time embedded products as well as mobile device applications.
·         Provide detailed input to R&D team members regarding the technical feasibility of proposed designs, technical risks, and potential mitigation strategies.
·         Conceptual design and subsequent development of feasibility prototypes of system features and technology.

Medical Device Design Process
Knowledge of Medical Device Processes such as ISO13484 standards, FDA processes such as PMA, 510k, Validation & Verification aspects
Knowledge of Medical Device Design Process such as IEC60601. Executed one or more projects as per these standards

System Software Design

·         Should have good knowledge of various Data Structures and understand how to choose appropriate data-structure for a given application design.
·         Should have good knowledge of Object Oriented Analysis and Design concepts.
·         Should have familiarity/hands-on exposure with basic UML and modeling tools.
·         Should have knowledge of estimation concepts and familiarity with requirements management.
·         Should have knowledge of Structured and Object Oriented Design Principles.
·         Should have knowledge of various refactoring techniques and commonly used Design Patterns. 

Medical Data Acquisition and Storage

·         Recommend Database technology based on application complexity and requirements.
·         Familiar with concepts of objected oriented and object relational databases.
·         Recommend why to use relational vs. non-relational databases.
·         Design of XML Schema and interfacing application code with schema elements.
·         Data modeling, normalization rules, Internationalization and localization concepts and implementation

·         Deep knowledge of Bluetooth protocols, stack and profiles
·         Able to architect Telephony and media streaming solutions using Bluetooth for an infotainment platform
·         Very well abreast of emerging Bluetooth standards and how they apply to car infotainment systems

Android App Dev for Embedded Devices
·         Deeper understanding of Android Application and framework architecture
·         Ability to make custom widgets
·         Ability to enhance/extend the existing framework,
·         Ability to build Custom applications & enhance the Applications

If you are interested please send me your resume, and also answer to the questions below

·         Candidate Contact Number
·         Candidate Visa Status
·         Candidate Convenient time to take up the telephonic discussion
·         Candidate convenient time to take up the face to face discussion
·         Candidate Employer details if in case of H1B
·         Candidate Current billing rate
·         Candidate Expected billing rate
·         References of direct supervisor
·         Interview availability

Thanks & Regards,
Javaji System Solutions Inc.,
703 880 4142703 880 4142
Google/Yahoo IM: kumar4mjss